Multi-Family Roofing Services

The Accurate Roofing Solutions team is proud to offer roofing services for multi-site accounts. We regularly partner with HOAs and apartment complexes, real estate investors, property managers, and more! Our clients have all types of professional backgrounds. And they continue to choose our team because we provide great service with top-notch roofing expertise.

We take care of both residential and commercial roofing projects. If you ever need more extensive repairs, our team can handle that too.

Which Roofing Service Do You Need?

Getting a custom solution helps ensure you’re getting exactly what you need in a roofing system. Nothing more and nothing less. We offer the full range of roofing work and can help you find the best fit. We take care of both residential and commercial roofing projects in ll of the South Bay Cities.

Protect Your Investment with Reliable Roofing

Scheduling roofing maintenance can include anything from seasonal gutter and drain cleanouts to caulking and resealing for better protection from water damage. Every roof system requires a little check-in from time to time. By keeping up with this maintenance, you’ll be in a better position to keep all of your properties in good condition through every season.

Our team knows how to work efficiently. That makes our services more affordable for your bottom-line.

During our initial onsite visit, we’ll help you determine the right level of insulation for your site with a FREE estimate. Whether you need insulation for a flat commercial roof—or an area of your home with tongue in groove wood instead of an attic—rigid polyiso is the way to go.

Roofing Services for South Bay Cities

Our goal is to help you avoid a situation down the road that might come with some higher costs. Getting roof maintenance lined up is the first step. Then we can start to assess other repair needs that naturally arise with the age of the roof. Along the way, we’re always focused on giving you unbiased recommendations and quality service. Accurate Roofing Solutions proudly serves the entire South Bay Cities. If you want a roofing contractor that can be your one-stop shop, we’re here to help.

We have experience managing both residential roofing and large-scale commercial projects. You can count on us to do things right.

No matter what type of building you have, our crew is ready to help. 

Quality Service with Accurate Roofing Solutions

It’s easy to work with our team. We’re always ready to supply you with project estimates, and we’re dedicated to giving our clients the information they need upfront in order to make an informed decision. Preventing roofing repairs now can help your tenants, clients, or the homeowners in your HOA community have a worry-free property. Plus, our relationship can help you avoid the hassle of coordinating service later on. We’ll already have your information in our system and will be sure to get on the job ASAP.

Let’s get your properties on the rotation for roofing maintenance. These small investments can lead to big savings down the line.

Managing multiple properties is a lot of work. Our team can help streamline the process. To learn more, just send us a message! Then we can figure out the level of service that will be right for you.

The Different Types of Roofing

If you aren’t sure of how to choose one type of roof over another, we can give you the information you need. First and foremost, it’s all about your building. Then we can start discussing the color and other design options.


You can go with a composition shingle roof when you have a minimum roof slope of 2:12. These are low-pitch roofs, and  typically come with residential structures.


The latest TPO material can last between 20 to 25 years or more. Even better, they’re exceptionally cost-effective for commercial and industrial applications.


torch down
cap sheet

Torch Down Cap Sheet Roof Systems can last anywhere from 15-20 years and are ideal for low slope and flat roof structures.

Meet Accurate Roofing Solutions

We’ve been installing quality roofing systems since 2003. And we continue to expand our company’s recognition and reputation with friendly, professional service. Need some roof repairs? Or a re-roofing project upgrade? You’re going to get a timely response from our team, as well as the best warranties in the business.

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